Westerman – “Albatross” Video

Earlier this year, we named the London-based singer-songwriter Westerman an Artist To Watch based on his stunning single “Confirmation.” Since then, he’s continued to release beautiful, enigmatic tracks that gave us more of a complete glimpse of where is now as a musician, including “Edison” and “Easy Money.” Just two weeks ago, we got news that these singles were building up to a new EP called Ark, which will offer four new compositions and serve as the first culmination of Westerman’s new sound. Its single, “Albatross,” ranked as one of our favorite songs that week.

Now, Westerman has also shared an accompanying video for “Albatross.” Directed by Emilie Norenberg, it features Westerman hanging around the Powell-Cotton Museum, which features a bunch of artifacts and taxidermy from the English hunter Percy Powell-Cotton. That means for “Albatross” we get to see Westerman bust some dance moves in a pajama-chic blue outfit, surrounded by dead animals. Hilariously, the camera zooms in on the animals right after Westerman sings about “new friends” early in the track. Later on, one of those animals comes back to life to dance to “Albatross,” too.

The video feels like a logical continuation of the clip for “Confirmation.” In that one, subtly strange imagery ruptured a quotidian scene in a candy store before the narrative got flipped upside down and we found Westerman hanging out in some kind of hidden world of purple men. The tone of “Albatross” is similar, straightforward yet surreal with Westerman maintaining the cipher-like presence he takes on in front of the camera. Check it out below.

The Ark EP is out 11/9 via Blue Flowers Music.