Noname Plans To Change Room 25’s Album Cover After Domestic Abuse Charges Against Artist

Last month, the Chicago rapper Noname released Room 25, her full-length debut. It’s a great record. But because of recent events, Noname is making a significant change to the album. The artist responsible for the Room 25 cover was Giles Bryant. Last week, as DJ Booth points out, Chicago police charged Bryant with domestic battery – bodily harm. And as a result, Noname is working to get her album cover changed.

On Twitter this morning, Noname wrote, “I do not and will not support abusers, and I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories.” She self-released Room 25, so she presumably has total control over its cover art, though it can’t be easy to go through the process of getting it changed on every streaming service.

This isn’t the first time that Noname has felt compelled to make a difficult, inconvenient change. For years, she rapped under the name Noname Gypsy. Two years ago, upon learning that Romani people consider “gypsy” to be a racial slur, she immediately changed her name.

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