SOAK – “Everybody Loves You” Video

SOAK is Bridie Monds-Watson, an Irish singer-songwriter who first came to our attention as a teenager and who then disappeared for a while. A couple of weeks ago, SOAK shared the gorgeous and searching “Everybody Wants You,” her first new song in three years. And today, she’s made a video for the track.

The video for “Everybody Wants You” exists in some sort of strange alternate reality where all the cool kids where pink sweatsuits and wear live caterpillars in tiny baggies around their necks. (This looks cool? I have no idea how this looks cool, but it does.) In the clip, we see Monds-Watson weighing her own individuality against her natural urge to fit in.

There’s a lot of catherpillar/butterfly in director Joseph Wilson’s imagery, which is both an obvious visual metaphor and an effective one. But the video mostly works because of how weird it is — the visual vividness of all those pink sweatsuits, the psychedelic dizziness of where the video eventually goes, the incongruous groundedness of Monds-Watson’s performance. Watch it below.

The “Everybody Loves You” digital single is out now on Rough Trade.