You Tell Me – “Invisible Ink”

You Tell Me is the collaborative project between Field Music’s Peter Brewis and Sarah Hayes. The duo met at a celebration concert for Kate Bush, a shared influence you can hear in their music. Today, they announce their forthcoming self-titled debut with its lead single, “Invisible Ink.” A ceaseless piano outlines swooping synths and chant-like vocals. Hayes says the song deals with “expectations and people’s individual ways of navigating.:

On the record, Brewis’ pop craftsmanship blends with Hayes’ contemporary folk origins. Brewis describes it as “dual-personal,” in that it’s made up of two different confessional perspectives. “Most of the songs seemed to either be about conversations, be conversational or about talking or not talking,” he adds in a statement.

Listen to “Invisible Ink” below.

01 “Enough To Notice”
02 “Get Out Of The Room”
03 “Foreign Parts”
04 “Water Cooler”
05 “Springburn”
06 “No Hurry”
07 “Clarion Call”
08 “Jouska”
09 “Invisible Ink”
10 “Starting Point”
11 “Kabuki”

You Tell Me is to be out 1/11 via Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.