Matthew E. White – “No Future In Our Frontman”

Like so many of us, Matthew E. White — the Richmond, Virginia master of spaced-out orchestral pop — finds himself in constant disbelief at the shitty pieces of shit who are currently running the country. So he wrote about it. “No Future In Our Frontman,” White’s newest song, is a grandly warped zone-out that is specifically targeted at Donald Trump: “There is no harmony in his Babylon, and I refuse to sing along.” The title references a 1991 rap classic from MC Breed, and the song sounds more like the Flaming Lips than I might’ve anticipated.

White (who was last seen covering “Grease” with Flo Morrissey on Colbert) has found an interesting way to put the song out into the world. Over the next three weeks, he’ll release three EPs, all of which will collect versions of “No Future In Our Frontman” from White’s musician peers. Natalie Prass, Bedouine, Kevin Devine, Anna B. Savage, PC Worship, and others will contribute, and money will go to benefit voter-participation organizations. Listen to White’s original below.

White says:

I believe that Donald Trump is a corrupt, depraved and incapable leader. Along with being unconscionably egomaniacal, his presidency regularly traffics in our worst prejudices, peddles bigotry, and violently disregards truth by both encouraging ignorance and actively participating in deceit. This song is an acknowledgement of our current political disaster and a call for resistance.

The first of those EPs is out tomorrow on Domino.