Rose Droll – “Boy Bruise”

In about a month, Rose Droll is releasing her proper debut album, Your Dog, which comes after a string of varied home recordings and demos that the San Francisco-based artist has been sharing over the last couple of years. The new material is slick and confident, as evidenced by Your Dog’s lead single, “Hush,” and today Droll is sharing another preview of the album, “Boy Bruise.”

This one pairs kitchen sink sonics with a spoken word intensity. It’s a hyper-literate song, packed from end to end with Droll’s gruff musings punctuated with thick guitar swaths and cat’s meows. It’s a non-stop subconscious burst, which makes sense because it’s a song about the ebb and flow of creativity and the methods we use to hold onto that spark and what happens when it extinguishes entirely. “Couldn’t write without taking a hit/ Couldn’t sing without first getting lit,” Droll sings at one of the track’s darkest points. “Couldn’t cope with reviewing a track/ Til I threw one or two or three back.”

Listen below.

Your Dog is out 11/16 via Father/Daughter Records (US) / Double Denim Records (UK). Pre-order it here.

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