Euringer – “The Medicine Does Not Control Me” (Feat. Grimes)

Euringer – “The Medicine Does Not Control Me” (Feat. Grimes)

Jimmy Urine aka Jimmy Euringer has spent the last 20 years helming industrial techno-punk rock act Mindless Self Indulgence. This summer he announced a self-titled solo record called Euringer, which he describes as “a counter-culture, surreal, psychedelic, art house, avant-garde, possibly posthumous concept project.” Like the man himself, it promised to be utterly incorrigible.

Out tonight, Euringer includes contributions from Grimes, as well as Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Serf Tankain (System of A Down), and his wife Chantal Claret.

Billed as “a mindfuck of Jimmy’s escapist reality,” Urine unsubtly addresses the political climate with tracks like “Trigger Warning,” and “If It Ain’t You Today it Will Be You Tomorrow” a re-work of Martin Niemöller’s anti-Nazi poem (“First They Came For The Socialists…“) featuring Tankian, which sit alongside Kate Bush and Doobie Brothers covers. “Problematic,” the album’s lead single critiqued political correctness and argued that the “suppression” of offensive terms is what gives them power. None of this is shocking coming from the artist whose band’s hits have included “I Hate Jimmy Page,” “Faggot” and “Bitches.”

Urine says:

“I was having fun exploring my brain. And I wanted to invite my friends to have fun with me immersing myself in another time and space, bit by bit, gaining its form from my daily life into a surreal stream of consciousness. I wanted it to sound as if Depeche Mode hired J. Dilla and DJ Premier to drop loops while Frank Zappa produced, and then I came in and shit all over it.”

“The Medicine Does Not Control Me” is Urine’s collaboration with Grimes, which explores his relationship with alcohol. Grimes has called him of her “biggest influences as a producer,” and the song marks their second team effort, following his remix of Art Angels track “Kill V. Maim.”

Urine told Alt Press about working with Grimes on the track:

She’s DIY like a motherfucker. There aren’t a lot of ladies doing synth work, producing, mastering, editing their own videos, everything. Because she’s so talented, I wanted her to write the track and to produce me singing it, like a reverse Britney Spears thing: I’m the ingenue, and Grimes is the mastermind. We didn’t have enough time to do it that way, so I gave her some tracks and [“Medicine”] was the one she chose.

Listen below.

Euringer is out now via Metropolis Records.

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