Hear Neil Young’s Live “Campaigner” From New Archival Release Songs For Judy

Neil Young will release a new live acoustic album in November called Songs For Judy. The collection features 23 songs recorded during Young’s 1976 solo tour in the cities of New York, Atlanta, Boston, Fort Worth, Houston, Chicago, Boulder, and Madison.

Young’s been teasing this release for about a year now, and the first song we’re hearing from it is a rendition of “Campaigner,” recorded in Boston on 11/22. Not to get too sappy or anything, but this is my favorite Neil Young song of all-time; it’s the kind of music that transports me back to where I was when I first heard it. “Campaigner” is a reflection of a particular moment in history that transcends its time, and I get heart spasms when Young sings: “Roads stretch out like healthy veins/ And wild gift horses strain the reins.” It sounds like freedom.

Listen below.

01 “Songs For Judy Intro”
02 “Too Far Gone”
03 “No One Seems To Know”
04 “Heart Of Gold”
05 “White Line”
06 “Love Is A Rose”
07 “After The Gold Rush”
08 “Human Highway”
09 “Tell Me Why”
10 “Mr. Soul”
11 “Mellow My Mind”
12 “Give Me Strength”
13 “Man Needs A Maid”
14 “Roll Another Number”
15 “Journey Through The Past”
16 “Harvest”
17 “Campaigner”
18 “Old Laughing Lady”
19 “The Losing End”
20 “Here We Are In The Years”
21 “The Needle And The Damage Done”
22 “Pocahontas”
23 “Sugar Mountain”

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