AFI – “Get Dark”

Halloween is a truly ideal time to hear new music from AFI, the long-running goth-punk dramatists who became stars in the ’00s and who I saw i a Baltimore garage on the night before I turned 17. (They were opening for the local pop-punk greats the Pee Tanks, whose drummer, I just learned, is now in War On Women.) We haven’t heard from AFI since the 2017 release of their AFI (The Blood Album) LP. More recently, frontman Davey Havok has been releasing music with Dreamcar, the band that features him alongside the non-Gwen Stefani members of No Doubt. But AFI have been on the road recently, and now they’ve got a new banger for us.

AFI’s new single “Get Dark” is a three-minute rager that’s both propulsive and thoroughly produced. According to NME, it’s our first taste of a new EP called The Missing Man, which will be coming out later this year. Give it a listen below.

According to Loudwire, AFI recently posted an Instagram photo of the band with Havok blacked out, which med many fans to speculate that Havok was leaving the band:

But now it looks like they were just doing promo for The Missing Man, which NME claims is coming out 12/7.

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