The Faint – “Chameleon Nights”

Omaha synth-punk were a key part of the early-’00s electroclash wave, and they were also a key part of the early-’00s Saddle Creek wave that also brought us their buddy Bright Eyes. These two waves should’ve been fundamentally opposed to one another — moving in opposite directions across the ocean — and yet there the Faint were. A 2001 performance of theirs in Brooklyn absolutely peeled my cap back; it remains one of the best live shows I have ever seen. And they are still out here.

Last year, our FYF Fest correspondent Ian “Redacted” Cohen was surprised to learn that people are still really into the Faint. This probably has something to do with the fact that the Faint fucking rule. The last time they released anything new was when they included a couple of new tracks in a 2016 career-spanning collection. (Frontman Todd Fink has also released music with CLOSENESS, his duo with wife, Azure Ray’s Orenda Fink.) But today, they return with the fearsome new single “Chameleon Nights.”

“Chameleon Nights” is an itchy coke-sweat bop of a song — something that would’ve absolutely set the club off during the high dance-punk era. And since that music still goes, this song is still something you need to hear. Check it out below.

“Chameleon Nights” is out now on Saddle Creek.

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