Stream Warthog’s Self-Titled EP

Chris Hansell used to be the lead screamer in the ever-evolving New York scum-rock band the Men, and now he fronts Warthog, a truly great New York hardcore band. Warthog may be a hardcore band from New York, but they don’t play that classically grunty New York tough-guy hardcore. Instead, they make riff-driven and feral thunder-music, music that’s closer to High On Fire than it is to Agnostic Front. There’s something overwhelmingly simple and elemental about what Warthog do; it reminds me of Motörhead and the Ramones. (In fact, now that I think about it, they’re probably named after the most Motörhead-esque Ramones song.)

Warthog have been putting out music since 2012, but they still haven’t released an album. All they ever make is EPs. The band’s last EP was a self-titled joint that came out on Beach Impediment Records in 2016. And now they’ve got another new EP — which, confusingly enough, is also self-titled. It fucking rules. Listen to it below.

The new Warthog EP is out now on Static Shock Records.

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