Jim James – “Over And Over” (Feat. Angel Olsen)

Jim James is taking the song title “Over And Over” very seriously. First the My Morning Jacket frontman included a rocking version of the song on his new album Uniform Distortion. Then he released an acoustic companion album called Uniform Clarity, which included a stripped-down version of “Over And Over.” Now, for Amazon Music, James has reinvented “Over And Over” as a duet with Angel Olsen.

James also performed “Over And Over” with the Resistance Revival Chorus on The Tonight Show recently, and it’s on the setlist for his new Tiny Desk Concert that went live today at NPR (along with MMJ’s Evil Urges chestnut “I’m Amazed” and his Eternally Even solo track “Same Old Lie”). Look forward to it mutating in perpetuity!

Hear the Olsen duet below, and stick around to watch the Tiny Desk Concert and the Fallon performance to get that authentic “Over And Over” effect.