Mulligrub – “Ex”

Mulligrub – “Ex”

“I first fell in love with my friend’s brother / While I was high on some cheap ecstasy.” That’s a hell of a way to begin a song, and that is how the Winnipeg DIY trio Mulligrub start off “Ex,” their latest. It really sets a tone for everything that follows.

A little more than two years ago, Mulligrub came out with Soft Grudge, their enormously promising debut album. Mulligrub make tender, hooky, emotionally resonant punk rock — music that feels intimate and cuts deep without sacrificing songcraft or lyrical specificity. They haven’t released anything since, and with DIY bands, that’s usually a sign that they’re done. But today, Mulligrub came out with “Ex,” their first song since that long silence.

“Ex” is a warm, gooey song about wishing you could fall in love properly and get into a healthy relationship, if only so you can stop singing about how fucked up you are. There’s a cool dynamic where the lead vocalist sings about how she’s fine and the other two members, on Supremes-esque backing vocals, sing about how she really isn’t. Listen below.

10/29 Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo
10/31 Hamilton, ON @ Redchurch Cafe
11/01 Sarnia, ON @ Refined Fool
11/02 Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo
11/04 Ottawa, ON @ Pressed
11/06 Toronto, ON @ Baby G
11/07 Guelph, ON @ Bar Haus
11/08 Sudbury, ON @ The Townehouse

“Ex” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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