Spielbergs – “4AM”

Spielbergs – “4AM”

We named Norwegian rock band Spielbergs a Band To Watch back in April on the strength of their fiery and invigorating Distant Star EP. Today, we’re happy to report that you won’t have to wait much longer for another dose of their contagiously bombastic “WHOA-OH!” guitar music. The Oslo trio’s official debut album is out this winter, and its lead single is here today to send your adrenaline racing once again.

This Is Not The End has some intriguing song titles on the tracklist. In addition to repeat appearances by Distant Star’s opener “We Are All Going To Die” and its title track, the album includes “NFL,” “Five On It” (a Luniz reference?), “You All Look Like Giants,” and “McDonald’s (Please Don’t Fuck Up My Order).”

Compared to those, maybe “4AM” doesn’t qualify as interest-piquing nomenclature, but the song compensates with Spielbergs’ usual hopeful rush of guitars, drums, and vocals competing to crowd each other out in the mix. “It’s 4AM, and I feel like giving up!” goes the gargantuan chorus. The implied message in the music: He’s not giving up! Feedback slices through the mix, the rhythm section churns, and the whole big thing happens. If you’re at all inclined toward Spielbergs’ brand of rock music, the fist pumps are more or less involuntary here.

Listen below.

01 “Five On It”
02 “Distant Star”
03 “NFL”
04 “We Are All Going To Die”
05 “Familiar”
06 “You All Look Like Giants”
07 “Bad Friend”
08 “McDonald’s (Please Don’t Fuck Up My Order)”
09 “Sleeper”
10 “4AM”
11 “S.K.”
12 “Forevermore”

This Is Not The End is out 2/1 on By The Time It Gets Dark. Pre-order it from the label site or Bandcamp.

CREDIT: Simen S. Skari

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