Open Mike Eagle – “Microfiche” Video

“It can all go away/ Just shut your eyes, it can all go away.” That’s the mantra on “Microfiche,” one of many incredible songs on Open Mike Eagle’s new EP / mini-album / “project” What Happens When I Try To Relax. The track is a simultaneously exasperated and soothing fever dream, with Eagle rattling off modern crises and promising you can tune out all this noise if you want to.

The production on “Microfiche” sounds like it’s floating on clouds, and William Child’s stop-motion claymation video situations OME and a number of other characters in just such a skyward setting. Various lyrical elements from the song are given quasi-literal illustrations: Eagle getting into a high-speed chase with a police car, his pot belly extending beyond his T-shirt, piles of noxious headlines disappearing when he dozes off for a nap. In the spirit of his memorable lyric, “Some songs just more for the headphones/ Fuck the NFL, fuck the redzone,” there’s also a shootout between Colin Kaepernick and the old white men who run the NFL.

It’s a great video for a great song, so you really have no choice but to watch it below.

What Happens When I Try To Relax is out now on AutoReverse.