Low – “Always Trying To Work It Out” Video

Last month, the long-running Minnesota indie trio Low released their absolutely stunning new album Double Negative. The music on the album is extremely pretty, which is not a surprise; Low have been making pretty much for decades. But the album stands out because it shows a veteran band completely taking its sound apart and then rebuilding it in fascinating new way. Double Negative is an album full of decaying, ominous drones and head-spun production, which just gives the band’s sense of beauty a whole new dimension. And their new video for the album standout “Always Trying To Work It Out” makes for a haunting accompaniment.

Low’s longtime co-leader Alan Sparhawk co-directed the “Always Trying To Work It Out” video with Philip Harder, a frequent collaborator of the band’s. Not much happens in the clip. Low play in front of a gorgeous and trippy light installation, while Sparhawk goes grocery shopping, pushing his guitar in his cart and sharing the aisles with people in creepy black masks. But the video’s sense of floating weirdness matches the song beautifully. Here’s the video:

Sparhawk says:

We present our slightly Halloween-themed video for “Always Trying to Work It Out.” In which… friends and family star in a stroll through the grocery store; familiar fragments from memory appear; masks are filtering light. Thank you National Sawdust, light tech Shane Donohue, and the Food Co-op in Duluth. It’s dedicated to our city of Duluth.

Double Negative is out now on Sub Pop.