Hear Mineral’s “Aurora,” Their First New Song In 20 Years

If you were into emo in the late ’90s or early ’00s, there is a very good chance that you spent much of that time kicking yourself for never seeing Mineral live. Mineral, the clangorously meditative Texan band, only lasted for a few brief years, and they only released two albums, 1997’s The Power Of Failing and 1998’s EndSerenading. The band broke up in 1997, during the recording of that second album. As emo became more and more of an underground movement in North America, Mineral became the great lost band — the word-of-mouth cult success who everyone loved and nobody had seen live.

Back in 2014, Mineral got back together to play a few shows, and they never really did anything else after that. So it’s a genuine shock to see today that Mineral are back together again, that they’re planning things, and that they have an eight-minute new song for us.

NPR reports that Mineral are celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band by planning a 2019 tour and by releasing One Day We Were Young, a new book that will feature photos, handwritten lyrics, and interviews with the band’s peers. The book also includes a 10″ single, which will feature “Aurora” and “Your Body Is The World,” the band’s first two singles since 1998.

“Aurora” is now out in the world, and the crazy thing about it is that it still sounds like Mineral. It’s got that full-bodied devotional rush to it, all those voices and guitars overlapping stunningly. Check it out below via NPR, where you can also read an interview with frontman Chris Simpson.

One Day When We Are Young is out 1/4 on House Arrest, and you can pre-order it here.

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