Morrissey Reportedly “Attacked” Onstage In San Diego

Last night, Morrissey was reportedly attacked onstage during his show at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego. As TMZ reports, Morrissey was singing “Every Day Is Like Sunday” when a few concertgoers ran onstage. One man apparently tried to strike Morrissey before the singer fled the scene. The attacker was then taken away by security and Morrissey cancelled the rest of the evening.

UPDATE: Morrissey’s manager Peter Katsi has addressed the incident on Facebook:

“Nobody tried to punch M last night. Morrissey’s fans are not malicious. The fans were simply doing what they have been doing for almost 30 years. Trying anything they could do to jump onstage and touch him, or hug him. The fan in question was certainly more aggressive in reaching out for him than most, so security had to do their job and subdue the fan. That’s all it was. In the end no one was hurt, and no one was arrested.”

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