And The Kids – “Champagne Ladies” Video

Northampton, MA crew And The Kids have two albums to their name so far — 2015’s Turn To Each Other and 2016’s Friends Share Lovers — and today they’re announcing their third, When This Life Is Over, which is due out in February. That’s the very good album artwork above. (Big year for dogs on album covers.)

Each of their albums has been more refined than the last, and judging by the electric lead single “Champagne Ladies” this one will be no different. The needling guitar line that opens the track stays throughout, and the band use that as a jumping off point for their airy melodies and divergent jams, but And The Kids always returns to the song’s central conceit: “Life is a bastard/ It wants to kill you/ Don’t let go.”

The track comes with a video that finds the band dancing around and living life to the fullest. Watch and listen below.

01 “No Way Sit Back”
02 “Butterfingers”
03 “Champagne Ladies”
04 “2003”
05 “The Final Free”
06 “When This Life Is Over”
07 “Special For Nothing”
08 “Get To That Place”
09 “Somethings (Are) Good”
10 “White Comforters”
11 “Religion”
12 “Basically We Are Dead”

When This Life Is Over is out 2/22 via Signature Sounds.

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