Preoccupations – “Pontiac 87″ (Protomartyr Cover)

The split 7″ where bands cover each other’s songs is a proud indie rock tradition, and we now have a new entry into the canon. Protomartyr and Preoccupations, two likeminded postpunk bands from cold and desolate corners North America, recently went off on a co-headlining tour together. And today, they’ve released the new split Telemetry At Howe Bridge, on which they leave their own marks on each other’s tracks.

We’ve already posted Protomartyr’s cover of the Preoccupations song “Forbidden.” And now that the split is out, we also get to hear Preoccupations, the apocalyptic ramblers from Calgary, taking on “Pontiac 87,” a song from their Detroit buddies.

“Pontiac 87″ originally showed up on Protomartyr’s 2015 album The Agent Intellect, and it’s a sinuous and brooding song, a little less splenetically word-heavy than a lot of other Protomartyr joints. That makes it perfect for Preoccupations, who hone in on the song’s heady churn and inject a bit more Joy Division-style dread into it. Listen to the Preoccupations cover and the Protomartyr original below.

Telemetry At Howe Bridge is out now on Jagjaguwar.