Pusha-T’s Toronto Show Breaks Out In In Onstage Brawl, Pusha Accuses Drake Of Paying People To Throw Beer

The best rap feud in years isn’t over yet. Pusha-T and Drake stopped making songs about one another months ago, and they reached the stage in their beef where they were conducting post-mortems in interviews. But last night, Pusha had a show in Toronto, Drake’s hometown, and all hell broke loose.

Last night, Pusha was performing a headlining set at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall. According to Billboard, he was about 20 minutes into the set when some people in the crowd caused a disruption. First, they sprayed some sort of liquid — Pusha later made a disparaging comment about people throwing beer — but Pusha kept performing for a few seconds. Then, a few people in the crowd jumped the barricade and fought with security. The fight spilled out onto the stage, and security appeared to get the better of the interlopers. In the footage of the event, it doesn’t look like anyone laid a hand on Pusha, but it’s always hard to tell with these things.

In a Facebook post, the Toronto Police Operations Centre writes that “performers attacked by a group of ppl” and “numerous ppl injured.” The local news channel CP 24 reports that three people were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. TMZ reports that someone was rushed to the hospital with serious, life-threatening stab wounds, though it’s not clear yet whether this had anything to do with the fight at the show.

According to various Twitter reports, Pusha returned to the stage and asserted that the attackers were Drake’s hired goons: “This nigga paid some niggas to throw beer.” He also performed “Infrared,” the track from his album Daytona that kicked off the whole feud in the first place. Below, watch some videos of the fight and its aftermath.

Educated guess: this ain’t over.

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