Fontaines D.C. – “The Cuckoo Is A-Callin'”

The Irish post-punk combo Fontaines D.C. impressed us mightily with “Too Real,” their tense and explosive single from earlier this month — so much that we named it one of the best songs of the week. They also reportedly put on a hell of a show at Iceland Airwaves.

Today we get to hear the B-side from the “Too Real” single Partisan is releasing next month. It’s called “The Cuckoo Is A-Callin’,” and it’s a bit more playful than its A-side, with a loose, chugging groove and a sing-song melody from singer Grian Chatten. Over the course of the song’s two minutes, it’s increasingly overtaken by a shimmering wave of noise that at some points reminds me of static from a disappearing radio signal. Once you adjust to that sound as part of the song and not some kind of connection error, everything snaps into place.

Listen below.

“Too Real” b/w “The Cuckoo Is A-Callin'” is out 12/21 via Partisan. Pre-order it here.