Steady Holiday – “Christmas Time Is Here” (Vince Guaraldi Trio Cover)

There’s a lot of shitty Christmas music out there. But there’s some good stuff too, and for my money, the very best Christmas album of all time is jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack to the Peanuts TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. One of the most iconic tracks on the album, of course, is “Christmas Time Is Here,” which you also may remember as the song that soundtracks many dejected Charlie Brown walks on Arrested Development. And today, we’re getting a new cover version.

As Steady Holiday, Los Angeles musician Dre Babinski specializes in dreamy, bewitching form of pop music with just a hint of ghostly menace. Earlier this year, she released the very good album Nobody’s Watching, and now she’s followed that up with a one-off cover of “Christmas Time Is Here.” She plays it pretty straight, but she’s a good fit for the song’s enduring wistful beauty.

“I’ve taken a lot of cues from Christmas music in my own songwriting,” Babinski says in a statement. “It’s nostalgic, transporting, melancholy, sometimes delusional. Whatever the emotion, the feeling of Christmas music is instantaneous and earnest, which is a framework I like to start with when I sit down to write.” Listen to her cover of “Christmas Time Is Here” below.