Ludovic Alarie – “We’re a dream nobody wrote down”

Montreal’s Ludovic Alarie makes gentle, R&B-infused French pop. After moving away from his classical guitar training, the 25-year old singer-songwriter put out 2014’s self-titled debut and 2017’s lush amble L’appartement. And earlier this year, he started his own independent label Chou Chou Records. Today, Alarie is premiering his first single in English, “We’re a dream nobody wrote down,” via Chou Chou and Blonde Redhead’s New York label AsaWaKuru.

The track follows a leisurely orbit. It’s a smooth and serene lull, wrapped up in the nostalgia of something that never was, something that only exists in dreams. Alarie’s lyrics grapple with the fear of forgetting and being forgotten: “I don’t wanna ask you anything/ But could we stop disappearing/ If only we could stop hiding/ We’re something that never happened.” The single is backed by Blonde Redhead’s Simone Pace alongside fellow Canadian artists Warren C. Spicer, Adèle Trottier-Rivard, and Mishka Stein. And the accompanying video, shot by Sylvain Chaussée in collaboration with Tasia Bachir and Alarie, is a blurred time-lapse.

Listen to “We’re a dream nobody wrote down” below.

“We’re a dream nobody wrote down” is out 12/11 via Chou Chou/AsaWaKuru. Pre-order or pre-save it here.