Tegan And Sara Announce Memoir

Tegan And Sara Announce Memoir

Twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin grew up together in Calgary. They both figured out that they were queer around the same time, and they also started playing music around the same time, starting out in their local punk scene and, before too long, sharing stages with Neil Young. Eventually, they released eight albums and became one of our greatest sources of gleaming alt-pop hooks. That’s a hell of a story, and now they’re telling it themselves.

Next fall, Tegan And Sara will publish High School, a new joint memoir about their experiences growing up. It’ll cover their eventful teenage years, going through heavy events like their struggles with identity and sexuality, their parents’ divorce, and the beginnings of their musical journey.

In a statement, the duo say:

How did you start your band? When did you know that you were gay? What were you like before Tegan and Sara? We have spent 20 years answering those complicated questions with simple answers. Writing High School gives us the opportunity to tell the intricate stories that shaped our relationship as sisters, musicians, and queer girls.

High School is coming next fall via MCD x FSG.

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