Joey Purp – “Aw Shit!” Video

A few months ago, the hungry young Chicago rapper Joey Purp released his QUARTERTHING album. That’s an exciting record for a lot of reasons, and one of the reasons is that it finds Purp branching his sound out, pulling in influences from Chicago strains of dance music like house and footwork. In particular, “Aw Shit!” has Purp going in over the skittering drums and handclaps of footwork. It can’t be easy to rap over that stuff, but Purp makes it sound easy. And now, in the song’s video, he makes it look easy, too.

Director Jason M. Peterson’s “Aw Shit!” video is about is as simple as it gets: Just Purp and his friends, backlit against a striped wall, rapping and doing crazily-involved footwork dances and generally enjoying life. Of course, Purp’s friends come from the relentlessly creative Chicago rap scene, so the video includes cameos from people like Towkio, KAMI, and, most prominently, Chance The Rapper, still wearing that 3 hat.

It’s a fun, breezy, energetic video. It might make you wish you were in that circle of friends, though it will also force you to realize that you can’t be in that circle of friends, since you can’t dance like that. (Sorry. You can’t.) Watch it below.

The self-released QUARTERTHING is out now.