N0V3L – “To Whom It May Concern” & “Natural”

N0V3L are a DIY collective based out of a house in Vancouver, who also happen to be a band playing post-punk in the Gang Of Four tradition. Today they’re announcing their debut EP — though at eight whole songs, it continues my confusion about what constitutes an album vs. an EP these days. It’s quasi-self-titled release called Novel, and in along with the announcement N0V3L are sharing its first two tracks

First up is “To Whom It May Concern,” the prettier and poppier of the two. It launches with a gleaming high-pitched guitar melody before settling into the rhythm section with a series of jittery stabs. Then comes “Natural,” a more overtly dance-punk tune straight out of the house of jealous lovers, replete with dissonant saxophone over the hulking disco groove. There’s never a shortage of bands in the underground mining these influences, but hearing someone doing it this well is a reminder that the dawn of early aughts nostalgia is upon us.

Hear both tunes below.

Novel is out 2/15 on Flemish Eye. Pre-order it here.

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