SZA Addresses Unreleased Music Leaked On Spotify

Nine unreleased SZA tracks were leaked on Spotify today. The songs, two of which feature Kendrick Lamar, were listed as an album called Comethru under the moniker Sister Solana. SZA has since responded to the leak on Instagram: “These are random scratches from 2015. Def not new new! But… creative? And scary?” Comethru was later removed from Spotify, but the Sister Solana artist page remains on the platform

This isn’t the first time an artist spoke out about Spotify’s sketchy practices. Back in October, Run the Jewels rapper El-P tweeted about the service failing to protect artists from fraud: “I regularly have to send take down notices not only for people using my name for their music and it appearing on my artist page but for people uploading my albums to their page and assumedly having my money diverted to them until we catch it.” He also tweeted, “so not only do we get payed a pittance on @Spotify but we actually have to pay hundreds a month simply to regulate what gets sold in our name”

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