Helado Negro – “Pais Nublado”

Anna Groth-Shive

Helado Negro – “Pais Nublado”

Anna Groth-Shive

We were big fans of “Please Won’t Please,” the lead single from Helado Negro’s upcoming album This Is How You Smile, which dropped in November. I’m happy to report that the second single, out today, is nearly as good.

Although its title translates to “Cloudy Country,” the bilingual “Pais Nublado” trades out some of its predecessor’s dreamy electronic qualities for a sort of psychedelic cosmopolitan folk music. When he switches from Spanish to English, the lyric is: “And I haven’t lost my mind thinking about you/ And I haven’t lost my breath shouting for the things we’re about to do.” Via email, Lange explains:

“Pais Nublado” is an escape into curiosity. It explores ideas of cloudy places, in particular our “cloudy” country, and uncertain futures.

The song is about knowing you’ll be around longer than the people who don’t take the time to understand what you’ve been doing. I feel like that’s been my personal experience with the music I make.

This is a dedication to endurance and knowing that I’ll never be worried about rushing. I’ll take my time and find my way.

Listen below.

This Is How You Smile is out 3/8 on RVNG. Pre-order it here.

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