Westkust – “Swebeach”

It’s been almost four year since we’ve heard from Westkust, the hugely impressive Swedish indie-pop band. In 2015, Westkust, who share two members with the also-great Swedish band Makthaverskan, released their debut album Last Forever, which found giddy ways to combine sugary melody with grand, roiling, epic noise. And now they’re back at it again.

In a few months, Westkust will release their self-titled sophomore album. And today, they’ve shared “Swebeach,” it’s opening track. It’s a two-and-a-half minute ripper, full of skyward shoegaze guitar and chaotic pummel. But all of that is there to underscore a big, triumphant vocal melody. And while it seems like all of these elements should work against each other, they all feel perfectly in sync. Check it out below.

Westkust is out 3/1; pre-order it at Bandcamp.