Act Of – “An Invitation” & “I Am Fungus”

In the early ’10s, the Act Of Estimating As Worthless put out a few albums. The original project served as something of a revolving door of musicians in the New York orbit, but it was centered around Matthew Van Asselt and Zoe Grant, both of whom would go on to participate in the affiliated band Real Life Buildings, who put out a very good album called Significant Weather back in 2017.

The project is being reincarnated under the abbreviated name Act Of, and included in its official lineup this time around are Z, who sings in Crying and has their own project 100%, and Mike Ditrio, who has also played with a bunch of the aforementioned projects and produced a lot of them, too. The four of them started recording an album together last year, and are now putting out two new tracks and going on a short tour later this week.

The two songs they’re sharing, “An Invitation” and “I Am Fungus,” are intimate rock epics, starting off small and muted before expanding into the cosmos. Each really revs up towards the end and there’s a fantastic release of tension as all four members work in sync to sound as all-encompassing as they can.

Listen below.

01/10 Detroit, MI @ Outer Limits
01/11 Chicago, IL @ Bohemian Grove
01/12 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
01/15 Philadelphia, PA @ Space 1026
01/17 Kingston, NY @ The Beverly
01/18 Northampton, MA @ Flywheel
01/19 New York, NY @ house show

Both songs are out now.

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