Threatin Announce First Shows With Probable Attendees

Jered Threatin’s master plan is about to pay off. Well, 10 months from now it will pay off. Maybe.

Threatin, you may recall, is the California-based evil(?) genius who booked an entire UK tour by faking a rabid online fan base and rising media profile for his eponymous metal band. The jig was up when nobody showed up to see the band, but as Threatin himself put it, the presumed faceplant was just another maneuver in a grander scheme. Indeed, the stunt did get him interviewed in Rolling Stone, so it’s hard to see it as anything but a success.

Now Threatin has announced he’ll bring his show back to the UK this November, exactly a year after last year’s run. Presumably he will have different bandmates this time, and presumably at least a few people will show up — maybe to rock out, maybe to point and laugh, whatever. It’ll certainly make more money than the band’s last overseas venture. Threatin’s domestic fans, if they do in fact exist now, will have to wait and see if the band books anything stateside.

Check out Threatin’s tour announcement below, and imagine the credits rolling on a bizarre modern success story.

I’ve yet to listen to a second of this man’s music — and honestly I don’t plan to ever think about him again after publishing this post — but I must congratulate him on mastering the 21st century attention economy.

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