iLoveMakonnen – “Spendin” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

There’s something reassuring about hearing iLoveMakonnen come out with a normal rap song. Makonnen has been a stylistic chameleon and a big influence on a new generation of Auto-Tuned sing-rappers, but he’s rarely settled into a role or a sound for long. He’s gone from trap to EDM to SoundCloud-rap to weird pop-punk hybrids. But on his new single, Makonnen isn’t testing any bounds. Instead, he’s given us a breezy car-radio song, one that may or may not hit.

On “Spendin,” which follows up last year’s iLoveAmerica EP, Makonnen teams up with the always-busy Gucci Mane. It’s a simple track, one built on a nagging synth melody. Makonnen co-produced the track with Roofeeo, Louis Bell, and Brenton Duvall, and it’s got Gucci calling himself the Jay-Z of the South, which mostly makes me nostalgic for when Gucci said that he’s from “where we don’t bump The Blueprint 3.”

Of the song, Makonnen says, “I made ‘Spendin’ to be a fun song that you can play anywhere. It’s about spending money on things you love and spending time with people who hate you. People always like to hate when you’re spending.” Listen below.

“Spendin” is out on the streaming services now.