Eerie Wanda – “Pet Town” Video

Eerie Wanda is the project of Marina Tadic, a Netherlands-based artist born in Yugoslavia to Croatian parents. Her latest album, Pet Town, is out later this month on Joyful Noise, and today we have a video for its lovely title track.

Tadic says “Pet Town” is “about making peace with the boredom that comes with living in a small town and using it to glue your heart back together.” Musically it’s a holdover from a different era in indie rock, that moment a decade ago when artists such as Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, Fleet Foxes, and even some acts without animals in their names were putting a fresh spin on the Beach Boys’ easygoing melancholy. Tadic’s melody here is part of that Brian Wilson lineage — I don’t know if the title is a Pet Sounds homage, but it would make sense — and she sets those notes adrift with a casually graceful minimalism that reminds me of the Clientele or Carolines Says. It evokes a pleasant stroll through a city at the moment when night begins to fall on a daydream.

Fittingly, its video finds Tadic roving the Midwest suburbs at dusk. Director Adam Harding, an Australian, filmed her in the Indianapolis area at sites including the Nine Lives Cat Café in nearby Fountain Square. Via email, he explains, “Marina and I had only met a few days prior to making this video, but as two wide-eyed foreigners descending upon Indianapolis, it only took about 5 seconds to agree on historic Woodruff Place and the Nine Lives Cat Café as locations. We had such a great time making this video, and a beautiful friendship blossomed as a result.”

Watch below.

Pet Town is out 1/25 on Joyful Noise. Pre-order it here.