Rozi Plain – “Symmetrical”

Rozi Plain has been playing bass for the great and underrated UK indie band This Is The Kit for some time now, and this year she’ll strike out on her own with a solo album called What A Boost for Memphis Industries. It’s one of those collaborative solo albums, though, with a cast including fellow This Is The Kit contributor Jamie Whitby Coles, Sam Amidon, Sir Was, and others, with some sessions produced by indie mainstay Chris Cohen.

A range of musicians was to be expected given Plain’s involvement in the PEOPLE collective’s Berlin event last summer. Yet “Symmetrical,” her album’s lead single, is gentle and distinct. Built from loose guitar and bass figures, lightly brushed drums, and occasional piano spirals, the track feels a bit like a threadbare sweater in frigid climes, comfortable and lived-in and just warm enough to protect you from the elements. Call-and-response vocals on top live up to the song title, even as Plain’s whispery narration errs on the side of asymmetry.

Plain shared this info with The Fader:

The video is me trying to watch a street lamp turn on. I’ve always been into catching street lamps turning on or off. What a boost when you see it! Me and my nephew Joe actually got up early the same morning and were trying to film one turning off but were just setting up the shot and chatting about it and then it turned off. Then we went to a Cafe and had a nice laugh about it. This one turning on is actually the last switch on of 2018! It’s by my parents’ house where I was for New Years. My friend Clementine March edited the lyrics and cord patterns into it. Just for a bit more to look at really.

Watch the lyric video below.

01 “Inner Circle”
02 “Swing Shut”
03 “Foreign Parts”
04 “Water Cooler”
05 “Springburn”
06 “No Hurry”
07 “Clarion Call”
08 “Jouska”
09 “Invisible Ink”
10 “Starting Point”
11 “Kabuki”

What A Boost is out 4/5 on Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Jack Barraclough
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