Low Life – “The Pitts”

Downer Edn — that second word is pronounced “edition” — is the second album from Low Life, an Australian punk band from the same scene that gave us Royal Headache and Total Control. It’s out in March, preceded today by the release of opening track “The Pitts.”

Gleaming and gruesome, the song finds a middle ground between the Fall’s snarling post-punk and Merchandise’s artful new wave sendups. The band claims Ohio underground legends V3 as a core inspiration, so if you’ve ever vibed with that band or other skuzzy Columbus misanthropes like Cheater Slicks or Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, you’ll probably be on Low Life’s level. At the center of the swirl is vocalist Mischa “Salmon” Tolman, who explains “The Pitts” like so: “”We start out pure, naive and enthusiastic on/about life. And then it has its way with us.”

Listen below.

01 “The Pitts”
02 “Lad Life”
03 “92”
04 “Rave Slave”
05 “RBB”
06 “Lust Forevermore”
07 “Glamour”
08 “Gabbertron”
09 “Warrior”
10 “Crash”

Downer Edn is out 3/15 on Goner in North America, Alter in Europe, and Cool Death in Australia.

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