Dave Harrington Group – “Belgrade Fever”

Dave Harrington Group – “Belgrade Fever”

Since the breakup of his psychedelic electronic duo Darkside in 2014, Dave Harrington has been fronting the improvisational Dave Harrington Group. Back in December, they announced their forthcoming effort Pure Imagination, No Country, the follow-up to 2016’s debut Become Alive, and shared lead single “Well.” They’re back today with “Belgrade Fever.”

The song has a pulsating intro reminiscent of Stranger Things’ opening theme, but it quickly twists into a dark and humid Grateful Dead “Drums/Space”-style improvisation. Harrington’s guitar is bright and wandering against the track’s echoing, industrial avant-garde. The track emerged during recording sessions in Belgrade during a break from tour. Here’s a photo from those sessions:

In an email, Harrington detailed how to jam came to be:

While supporting the last Dave Harrington Group album, Become Alive, in Europe with my close friends and longtime collaborators Andrew Fox, Samer Ghadry, and Will Epstein, we were improvising heavily during the shows; using soundchecks as rehearsals and developing new material every night. “Belgrade Fever” started as one of those improvised pieces and quickly worked its way into the live repertoire. Mid-tour, we found ourselves with a few days in Belgrade, Serbia and rather than take them off, we booked some time at a recording studio housed in an old warehouse, where they used a huge empty hallway under a skylight as their echo chamber — when it was raining, you could hear it in the reverb.

Listen below.

Pure Imagination, No Country is out 2/1 via Yeggs Records.

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