Matmos – “Silicone Gel Implant”

The last Matmos album was made entirely out of washing machine sounds. For their next trick, the experimental Baltimore duo has made an album that exclusively uses the sounds of plastic objects. It’s called Plastic Anniversary, which typically indicates the first year of marriage, though it’s Matmos’ 25th year as a band.

Per a press release, objects used include: “Bakelite dominos, Styrofoam coolers, polyethylene waste containers, PVC panpipes, pinpricks of bubble wrap, silicone gel breast implants and synthetic human fat.” They recorded the album at Snowghost Studios, and they called upon Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier to help out.

The first track they’re releasing from Plastic Anniversary is called “Silicone Gel Implant,” and it (no surprise) uses a silicone breast implant as its main sound source, as well as the use of plastic flutes and PVC piping. Check it out below.

01 “Breaking Bread”
02 “The Crying Pill”
03 “Interior With Billiard Balls & Synthetic Fat”
04 “Extending The Plastisphere to GJ237b”
05 “Silicone Gel Implant”
06 “Plastic Anniversary”
07 “Thermoplastic Riot Shield”
08 “Fanfare For Polyethylene Waste Containers”
09 “The Singing Tube”
10 “Collapse Of The Fourth Kingdom”
11 “Plastisphere”

Plastic Anniversary is out 3/15 via Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

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