Stream Nudie Mag’s Great 2019 Demo

Colin Young is the singer for Twitching Tongues, a band of metallic hardcore brutalists from Los Angeles. (Twitching Tongues’ last album was called Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, which should give you some idea of their whole vibe.) Young also plays guitar in God’s Hate, which, if anything, is an even more brutal band, led by the indie-wrestling star and Judiciary collaborator Brody King. But now Young has a new project going, and it is absolutely nothing like his other bands.

Colin Young is one third of a new trio called Nudie Mag, and it is not easy to find any further info on this band online. But the trio just shared their debut release, a three-song demo, and it fucking rules. Nudie Mag make sparkling, beyond-catchy power pop; it’s not a reach to say that the songs on the demo would’ve fit right at home on the first Rentals album. You might be able to hear a bit of evidence of the band’s hardcore connections in their guitar tones, and the demo is coming out on the great Boston hardcore label Triple B, but there’s nothing tough or intense about this music. It’s just good. Listen to it below.

The Nudie Mag demo is out now on Triple B, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.