Laura Stevenson – “Living Room, NY”

Laura Stevenson – “Living Room, NY”

Punk treasure Laura Stevenson had been pretty quiet since releasing 2015’s Cocksure until last December, when she put out two new songs. Today, she’s announcing a new album, The Big Freeze, and while neither of those two songs appear on it, they are in line with what does: intimate tracks recorded in her childhood bedroom that are, for the most part, stripped-down and spindly, little more than Stevenson’s voice and her guitar.

The pared-back setup really allows her lyrics to shine, and on her new single “Living Room, NY,” she’s exploring the distance between two people, both geographically and emotionally. “I want to feel you restless/ I want to wake up from it/ I want to see you stare at ceilings until you fall back asleep,” she sings, mourning for the missed moments in a long-distance relationship and wanting to be there for even the littlest of things.

Listen below.

01 “Lay Back. Arms Out.”
02 “Value Inn”
03 “Living Room, NY”
04 “Dermatillomania”
05 “Hum”
06 “Rattle At Will”
07 “Hawks”
08 “Big Deep”
09 “Low Slow”
10 “Perfect”

The Big Freeze is out 3/29 via Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here.

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