Many Rooms – “99 Proofs”

We named Many Rooms, the project of Houston-based singer-songwriter Brianna Hunt, an Artist To Watch and one of the best new bands of 2018 on the strength of her excellent debut There Is A Presence Here. As that title might indicate, Hunt makes spectral music, hushed and skeletal and yet expansive enough to fill a cathedral, haunted by questions of fear and faith and mental health. And now she’s making more of it.

Today, nearly a year after the release of There Is A Presence Here, Hunt is back with a new single called “99 Proofs.” The song is “a lament mourning the people who have been mistreated by the capital ‘C’ Church and a call for the church to become self-aware,” she tells NPR. “It’s about my frustrations with a whole culture of religion that’s more about power and control than people and love, but also my desire to forgive and cultivate change.” Listen below.

“99 Proofs” is out 2/8 via Other People Records. A new full-length is apparently “in the works.”

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