Migos – “Position To Win”

Migos – “Position To Win”

Hey, you know what the world really needs? That’s right: Another Migos song! We clearly didn’t have enough Migos songs. And we especially didn’t have enough Migos songs that were written for Mountain Dew commercials.

Last month, all three Migos showed up in a Mountain Dew commercial. (It didn’t air during the Super Bowl, but I’m guessing that it was, at some point, supposed to be a Super Bowl commercial.) The ad co-stars Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid and UFC fighter Holly Holm, and it also has the Migos riding chromed-out big wheels. And that ad featured a new song, “Position To Win.” That song is now out.

Migos member Quavo co-produced “Position To Win” with regular collaborator DJ Durel and with Tommee Profitt (which is not my rap-producer alter-ego, I promise). It’s generic try-hard-and-achieve anthem, and the one wrinkle is that, since it’s basically an ad jingle, nobody cusses on it. It’s a pretty bad song. There’s a synth line that sounds like the Transformer-transforming sound effect from the old cartoon, which is cool, and there’s a not-bad Takeoff verse. But there’s also a creeping EDM feeling, which nobody needs. And your life will be complete even if you never hear the song. If you’re curious, though, the song and the ad are both below.

“Position To Win” is out now on the streaming services. Blue Shock is the best Mountain Dew.

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