Mdou Moctar – “Wiwasharnine”

Mdou Moctar – “Wiwasharnine”

Tuareg singer-songwriter and Prince stand-in Mdou Moctar has a new full-length album on the horizon called Ilana (The Creator). Today he’s shared the second single, “Wiwasharnine,” following up the track “Kamane Tarhanin.”

“Wiwasharnine” is, sonically, a reveling foot stomper. Upbeat guitar shreds, bouncing bass, and endearing handclaps support Moctar’s elastic croon. However, the content of the song takes a clear-eyed, mournful stance on the state of things.

“This life today I understand nothing/ The strongest are always the ones who eliminate the weak,” Moctar bemoans. “All the countries are in joy/ But my people remain stranded/ And this pains me.” Though the joyful sounds belie the message of Moctar’s sentiment, the two polarities blend beautifully — a ballad built for communal solidarity. Check it out below.

Ilana (The Creator) is out 3/29 via Sahel Sounds. Pre-order it here.

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