Robyn – “Send To Robin Immediately” Video

Robyn’s new music video opens with a long slow-motion shot of a camera panning through the forest. We see a whole bunch of good-looking young people dancing in the woods, while a smoke machine billows fog all over them. I have been to Sweden, Robyn’s homeland, a couple of times, and I can pretty much confirm that that’s what things are like over there. They’ve got it good.

Robyn, of course, returned after a long absence last year with the excellent new album Honey. Her new video is for “Send To Robin Immediately,” a diffuse and clubby thump that’s one of the deep cuts from that album. Robyn herself is only barely in the video. (I think she’s one of the people dancing in the woods, though the fog makes that hard to confirm.) Most of the time, director Max Vitali films those dancers as they go about their lives — making out in rivers, jumping into lakes, dancing in apartments. It’s all terribly romantic and photogenic.

If this seems like an ad, that’s because it basically is. Robyn has a new capsule collection coming out on her fellow Swede Björn Borg’s clothing line, and all of those good-looking young people in the video are wearing her clothes. On the plus side, those clothes look very good! The ad is working! Watch it below.

Honey is out now on Konichiwa/Interscope. If someone wants to drop £90 on buying me one of those hoodies, please let me know.

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