Sad Planets (John Petkovic & Patrick Carney) – “Not Of This World”

It’s not clear when the Black Keys might return from the extended hiatus that followed 2014’s Turn Blue, but in the meantime drummer Patrick Carney is promoting a record from a different duo. Carney has teamed up with another northeast Ohio music legend, John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Guided By Voices, Sweet Apple), to form a new band called Sad Planets.

Their debut album, Akron, Ohio, is named after the hometown both of them have since left behind — Carney for Nashville, Petkovic for a fruitful career just up the road in Cleveland. In their official band photo viewable below, they’re posed in front of the Civic Theater in downtown Akron, which incidentally is not far from a sign identifying the city as the hometown of the Black Keys.

Petkovic and Carney wrote and recorded the album in Akron, taking inspiration from local heroes like Devo, the Cramps, Chrissie Hynde, and Tin Huey as well as Brian Eno. You can hear a lot of that in the sound of lead single “Not Of This World,” which lives up to the band’s self-described “psychedelic trash” aesthetic. It’s a spaced-out garage-psych odyssey, rooted in pop immediacy even as it veers through a few distinct phases. Along the way it’s propelled by jangly guitars, sci-fi keyboards, Carney’s shapeshifting grooves, and a hallucinogenic interlude that feels beamed directly from the ’60s.

Listen below.

01 “Just Landed”
02 “Not of This World”
03 “Yesterday Girls”
04 “City Ghosts”
05 “Bad Cells”
06 “Want You to Want You”
07 “(Falling Into The Arms Of A) Refugee”
08 “Long Goodbye
09 “Heaven’s Devils”
10 “Disappearing”

Akron, Ohio is out 4/19 on Tee Pee Records. Pre-order it here.