Club Night – “Village”

The Oakland band Club Night are trying to do something difficult: They’re making weird, queasy DIY indie rock in a Bay Area landscape that, in recent years, has become absolutely dominated with tech money and careerism. Club Night, a Band To Watch as of last year, first rose to prominence with their giddy, freaky debut EP Hell Ya, and they’ve just announced plans to follow it up this spring with What Life, their first full-length.

Club Night have made their album announcement by sharing another new song called “Village.” It’s got fuzzy guitars and sugary synth melodies and idiosyncratic, squeaky lead vocals and a grand and cathartic chorus, and it sounds like something that would’ve been racking up a ton of online indie buzz in 2009. This isn’t 2009, but that doesn’t mean those sounds have lost all their appeal. Check out “Village” below.

What Life is out 4/5 on Tiny Engines.

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