Say Sue Me – “At The End Of The Road”

Busan indie-rockers Say Sue Me seem to shift shape with every new track, sort of like a South Korean Yo La Tengo. Their fascination with covering other people’s songs only intensifies the comparison, though the group’s 2018 LP Where We Were Together established them as their own kind of chameleons.

Today they’ve got a new song out called “At The End Of The Road,” which finds them in gently swaying ’50s or ’60s pop mode. It’s an immensely likable and pretty song, but as vocalist Sumi Choi explains in a press release, it’s inspired by ugliness:

When I feel like I’ve lost my way or everything is difficult, I remind myself of someone who comforts me with existence itself. I think that the sea is like that and it seems like a generous person who only gives it all. It gives us life, gives us a place to rest and play, and gives everything it has, but it seems like we only know how to dirty and ruin it.

“At The End Of The Road” is accompanied by video of a polluted beach, driving home the point about humanity’s irresponsible stewardship of the environment. Watch below.

Say Sue Me will be at SXSW, and they’re touring the UK this spring.

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