Gemma – “Only One”

Gemma is an effervescent, multi-instrumental synth-pop duo composed of vocalist Felicia Douglass and producer Erik Gundel. Douglass has kept busy since Gemma’s debut album, 2015’s As Ever, performing in both Ava Luna and the most recent iteration of Dirty Projectors’ lineup. Gemma has signed to Brooklyn’s Double Double Whammy, and they’re releasing their second full-length, Feeling’s Not A Tempo, in May.

Today, Gemma shared the first single from that project, “Only One.” The track emanates glittering synths but also features some sharp percussion and sticky bass licks underscoring Douglass’ unimpeachable vocals.

“I wanted to express a bold and confident narrative from a woman’s perspective, essentially telling someone to leave their comfort zone and give more,” Douglass says of “Only One.” “There’s a thread of surrendering to dream scenarios across the album, escaping your reality for just a second to get by.”

For Gundel, the track is all about embracing the thrill of first romantic contact. “‘Only One’, to me, is about the butterflies you get in your stomach when contact with someone first shifts into the romantic and how you need to remind yourself to be open to those experiences,” he says.

Listen to “Only One” below.

Feeling’s Not A Tempo is out 5/31 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Marcus Maddox