The Chemical Brothers Made A 15,000 BPM Remix For F1

Electronic music duo the Chemical Brothers might have just set a record with the fastest remix of all time, clocking in at a ridiculous 15,000 bpm. Called “WGTT 15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX,” the track is a beyond-compressed remix of their track “We’ve Got to Try” from their upcoming album No Geography. According to ESPN, the insane remix was made for a Formula One promotion, and mimics the same number of revs per minute, or RPM, that a modern F1 race car is capable of.

To frame just how insanely fast that is, consider that the human ear can only distinguish the range of tempos between 40 and 300 bpm. Anything slower and it becomes impossible for us to discern a set tempo. Anything faster than 300 bpm blurs together. So it makes sense that this remix is only three seconds long. And if you do the math, that’s 750 beats in just three seconds.

Check out this bizarre novelty of song — if we can even call it a song.