Hear Arca’s Bootup Music For Mega Sg, A New Video Game Console Emulating The Sega Genesis

Superstar Venezuelan producer Arca recently wrote a short op-ed for Interview entitled “My 2,500 Hours Playing Guild Wars,” in which the artist called for greater respect for video games. “Any kind of prejudice that people have toward video games, to see them as an activity that’s not valid, has a lot more to do with their own hang-ups about playfulness than it does with the capacity for games to express our impulses,” the article reads, in part.

Now, Arca is professionally merging a passion for gaming and music via composing the boot up music for Mega Sg, a new console by Analogue that serves as a sort of remake of the Sega Genesis.

Here’s how the Mega Sg works: it uses an FPGA chip to render the original Sega console-era game cartridges into upscaled 1080p and provide high fidelity sound, among other cool features. Analogue also gave the Super Nintendo the same treatment with Super Nt.

Arca’s startup composition for Mega Sg is accompanied by art from game developer Phil Fish, best-known for his hit indie game Fez.

Listen to Arca’s tune below.

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